Welcome to Loyal Dean,home of the most fluid, organic skateboard
imaginable. We enjoy free form creativity when it comes to crafting
skateboards so you can enjoy free form creativity when it comes to riding them.

We take certain cues from nature – snowflakes, waves, trees.
No two are alike. Same goes for our skateboards.

And although our designs are random, the shapes are not.
Thoughtful, symmetrical, functional contours and a deliberate,
thoughtful nose/tail profile are ideal for two-directional and switch
stance riding, if that’s your sort of thing.

Our sort of thing is 40% reclaimed lumber, organic-where-the-wind-
goes-design and a surplus of buttery smooth downhill asphalt rolling
toward the horizon line.
Dean is a goofy foot.
Loyal is not.


“Such a cush ride, I now contact
the city to see where they pour
fresh asphalt.”

Felipe Bascope, Costa Mesa, CA


Fire over a paragraph explaining why you
want to ride a Loyal Dean skateboard before Dec 1st , 2010 and you can win a skateboard worth $429. Go to our
facebook page and
enter today!


Telephone: (323) 753-4470
Email: info@loyaldean.com
Address: 2001 West Gage St, LA CA 90047

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